In order to stop sexual abuse andviolence, it’s critical that we stand strong and stand together against these crimes and help each other.

Things you can do:

Speak out against woman and child abuse. Encourage silent female victims to challenge abuse, and ensure that they get help. Report child abuse to the police immediately. Encourage children to report bullying behaviour to school authorities.

Men are critical partners in the fight against the abuse of women and children. Men and boys are encouraged to talk about abuse and actively discourage abusive behaviour.

Families must stick together to create a safe environment for women and children.

Parents and adults can make sure that children are not exposed to inappropriate sexual and violent material.

Volunteer some of your time and energy in support of a non- governmental organisation or community group working in your area to help abused women and children (like us :-). Use your life skills and knowledge to help support victims of abuse.

Donate some money to organisations working to end violence against women and children by making a contribution to the work they do.

Seek help if you are emotionally, physically, or sexually abusive to your partner and/or children.

Report illegal guns to the police – according to the International Action Network on Small Arms Women’s Network, women are three times more likely to die violently if there is a gun in the home.

Join a community policing forum (CPF) or community safety forum (CSF) to help fight crime in your area. For information on how to join, contact your local police station.