For many abused women, men and children, pets are sources of comfort providing strong emotional support. Often, victims have difficulty opening up to counsellors which is why WAR started this project, to bring comfort to victims, through the gentle presence of a dog or the soft fur to stroke on a cat, and at the same time, providing food and other goods to needy animals.



  • To give survivors the opportunity to reach out and help in a way that is safe and therapeutic at the same time
  • To provide animals in need with food, treats and blankets, collars and bowls
  • To assist and network with abused animal care institutions

WAR’s Pet Therapy Project is a unique program.  As part of the recovery process, we run projects for men, women and children to focus on animals in need and reach out a helping hand to them by packing food and treat parcels for dogs, cats, puppies and kittens.  Carefully chosen dogs are also available for a cuddle or a kiss which brings a source of comfort and love to many a broken heart.

The identities of the individuals below are protected for their own safety and recovery.