Woman Against Rape assists and supports a network of counselling services around the country by giving comfort packs for victims to the counsellors to hand out. The counselling service is free and WAR encourages all affected by rape or abuse to seek counselling for themselves and loved ones.

Crucial to the recovery of survivors of rape and abuse, counselling teaches problem-solving skills, such as how to overcome negative beliefs, assumptions or expectations that are the hallmark of depressed or anxious thinking.

Counselling helps people learn to cope better and develop a more optimistic perspective through taking actions that enable them to feel self-empowered, such as becoming more assertive or taking steps towards life goals in spite of feeling fearful or pessimistic.

As depressed or anxious people take action in spite of their difficulties and start to achieve some positive results. They begin to feel genuinely better about themselves as a person, which enhances their psychological well-being in the long run.

Counselling focuses on helping people build stronger support systems and relationships that will strengthen and protect them psychologically. It also teaches people how to calm their autonomic nervous system, which is the foundation for stress management and anxiety reduction.

Counselling, in combination with positive lifestyle changes, including a healthy diet and regular, vigorous exercise has been demonstrated to produce lasting anti-depressant and anti-anxiety effects.