WAR, Woman Against Rape, it sounds negative, but when you fight against negative forces, it becomes a very positive force!

It is terrible to see hunger, poverty, depression, sadness, abuse and hopelessness, but to be able to do something about it, makes what we do very rewarding! When you hold someone’s hand who was a victim of rape, abuse and domestic violence; or listen to a beautiful girl’s frightening story about drugs, gangsters and crime, you realize how REAL it is. When you give out bread to mom and children, especially when it’s their first meal for the week, it makes you cringe yet helps you understand the necessity of community outreach.

We have been actively researching safe houses and children’s homes where men, women and children are living renewed lives of hope to find out what their needs are. WAR would like to assist NPO’s that are working in line with our mission. The more we work together, the more we can all help, give hope and love to those affected by abuse and sexual offenses.

During this quarter, the Edge Church ladies put together a lovely WAR charity breakfast which was held at Maestro’s on the Beach in Milnerton. 100 breakfasts were kindly donated to WAR by Maestro’s too. The goodie bags were a real treat, and the guest speaker was Dr Martie Lancellasfrom the Strong Foundation. We listened to many stories of desperation and hopelessness and how their spirits were lifted because of a fruit donation, nappies, clothes or just a listening ear and a helping hand. Thank you to all who supported WAR with this breakfast, those who donated towards the goodie bags and those who joined us on the day.