I am, as ever, immensely grateful to the people around me. The ones in need, but also the ones with wonderful talents, skills and abilities I discover daily. That is the joy of giving.  Finding talent, willingness, enthusiasm, commitment and sharing that gift with the ones in need.

Francinah surprised me recently with her beautiful crocheting talent. So I got her needles and a variety of wool in lovely colours and textures. She works quickly and every day she comes to show us the beautiful berets, ready for WAR to sell. She is eager to share her talent with the young ones at Peas in a Pod and other children’s homes and teach them so they can develop a love for being busy and creating items to add to their winter wardrobe. Most importantly though, adding a skill to equip them for life.

Vulnerability is at its most apparent in society’s young and elderly communities, and I want to continue to address that. I want to think differently about it, coming up with new and relevant services, products and events. I want to mobilise the immediate communities to interact more by giving of their time and visit and spend time with them. I want to see them smile more, because WAR cares.

The month of May brought another Mother’s Day and WAR engaged with Rotary Club of Waterkloofand the Inner Wheel ladies club. I helped them with the handing out of gift packs to the aged of Lodewyk Spies, a home for the elderly in Eersterus. I was so impressed with the cleanliness of the home and also with the wonderful care given to them. But most of all, the smiles and happiness on their faces made me realize how important our presence is in the lives of those who are often forgotten by their own.

IDSA, the International Diplomatic Spouses Association, an organization comprising of spouses of diplomats, continues to support WAR with opportunities. To Ruth Lenk, and the members of the IDSAExecutive, I want to thank you for the table WAR had at the Handicraft & Food Charity market at St.Mary’s DSG on the 20th of May.