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About Us

about janineWoman Against Rape was founded by Janine Rowley who was honoured with a Paul Harris Award from Rotary for her outstanding contributions to numerous charity organisations. The organisation began by delivering comfort packs parcels to rape victims at police stations in March 2000. As the word spread of her work, the areas of operation expanded and Woman Against Rape was officially conceived. Since then Janine and her team have initiated several other projects to assist victims.  Counseling still plays a prominent role however. New and innovative ways have been devised to encourage victims to come out and speak of atrocious deeds perpetuated on them.
Janine's "propensity for love and compassion, is rare and to find an individual so committed to a humanitarian cause, a blessing".
Janine Rowley - "Dedicated to her Cause" transforming  "pain into power".
All who meet Janine are moved by her propensity for love and compassion, 'It is rare to find an individual so committed to a humanitarian cause.'
A word from Janine:
"To be raped is an enduring pain that must be dealt with and, in some cases, exposed.  I was a victim of child abuse, and was motivated by the desire to ensure that nobody went through what I did.  I felt so abandoned and had nowhere to go.  People need a space where they will be counseled.  It is amazing to see how one's frame of reference can change from negative to positive through support and help".


To secure a property with a full-time counselor living on the premises. Rape and abuse victims can be housed here temporarily and receive counseling with others who have suffered abuse and are able to relate to one another, until such time as they are able to rejoin society and make a positive contribution.
Also they can be trained to make candles which is therapeutic and enables victims to make an income.
In instances of spousal abuse this breaks the cycle of victims being at the mercy of the abuser as they are unable to sustain themselves and therefore perpetuate the vicious cycle of abuse.
To set up trauma centre rooms at police stations equipped with toys and constructive materials for children who have been abused. This will not only help victims and parents of victims directly but also bring highlight the fact that the police are here to help.
To expand the network of comfort parcels which are currently delivered at police stations around Gauteng.


To encourage all persons to exercise their rights by teaching them that their bodies and spirits are sacred and no one may violate that right in any way, it is your constitutional RIGHT.


To have permanent facilities nationwide which can provide counseling and a safe haven for all rape and abuse victims. Empowerment programs that will provide an income for victims and free them from their abusers who are too often their providers. To ensure a quality environment, free from discrimination for all those infected by HIV through rape or any other tragic circumstance.
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WAR Ambassador - Helena Hettema
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