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WOMAN AGAINST RAPE (WAR)  encourages all South Africans to exercise their rights by teaching them that their bodies and spirits are sacred. No other person may violate these rights in any manner. In the event of violation or abuse, all South African victims have a right to be heard and counseled through empathetic and skilled care. WAR is dedicated to providing the knowledge of prevention and the necessary steps to work through a traumatic event.  We'd like to encourage all persons to exercise their rights by teaching them that their bodies and spirits are sacred and no-one may violate these rights in any manner. If this does happen, to know that there is someone who is prepared to listen and help by offering them assistance.
In order to raise on going funds for Woman Against Rape we sell the most beautiful candles.... (see more)
This is part of an upliftment project where we teach the survivors the art of bracelet making... (see more)



Peas in a Pod





Peas in a Pod is a safe house for abused girls from 3 to 17 years of age... (see more)

Laudium Thuthuzela Care Centre's integrated approach to rape is one of respect, comfort... (see more)

Wolmer is a disadvantaged community.  Upon arriving in Wolmer one sees a... (see more)

Tshwane Medico Legal Crises Centre is a centre for victims of domestic violence and... (see more)


Peas in a Pod - WAR spending quality time with the kids at Peas in a Pod (see more)

Amadea Safe Haven - WAR ........... (see more)

Laudium Thuthuzela Trauma Centre murals - WAR with Tela Vuoto painted murals onto the walls to brighten up the centre (see more)



WAR Ambassador
Helena Hettema

Voice of WAR







“We have to think and see how we can fundamentally change our education system so that we can train people to develop warm-heartedness early on in order to create a healthier society” – Dalai Lama